Anti-Bullying Fortnight Draws to a Heroic Close


img_8155Hazel Grove Primary School has just come to the end of an exciting and informative fortnight focused on Anti-Bullying messages and advice.  We have had visitors in to talk to the children, taken part in workshops, discussions and created art, newspaper articles and poems.

The finale of the fortnight was the judging of Super (anti-bullying) Hero costumes, designed by the children, with the school council voting on the winner.  Although, as you will see from the photographs, we all win in this little endeavour.img_8164

Of course this magical day wouldn’t have happened without the force of nature that is…. Miss Price!

img_8160  img_8173 img_8174 img_8180 img_8187 img_8192 img_8202 img_8206 img_8208 img_8219 img_8223 img_8229 img_8231 img_8236 img_8249 img_8253 img_8257 img_8276 img_8286 img_8290 img_8308 img_8313 img_8323 img_8333 img_8348 img_8357 img_8363 img_8373 img_8379 img_8396 img_8432 img_8435 img_8437

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