The work of a School Governor is varied and interesting. It involves challenge and debate but it is also very rewarding, especially in a school like HGPS.

There are currently 12 members on our Governing Board including parent governors, Local Authority governors, staff governors and co-opted governors. The full Governing Board has regular termly meetings and adopts the principles of open government so staff, parents and interested members of the public are welcome to attend. All members have full voting rights.

All our governors volunteer to undertake this role and do not claim any travelling or subsistence allowances for expenses incurred during their work as governors.

Minutes of meetings are published and available in school to anybody who wishes to read them. Copies of these can be provided by the office staff.

At HGPS the Governing Board has 3 very active Sub Groups which meet regularly to discuss matters (and vote where necessary):

  • Teaching and Learning – which deals with Learning, Curriculum and Policies.
  • Resources and Finance – which deals with Finance, Staffing, Policies and Premises issues.
  • Steering group – which deals with a strategic overview of the school.

We are very proud of our Governing Board’s excellent record of proactive and supportive involvement in sharing in the leadership and management of the school for the benefit of all the pupils at HGPS.

For more information about the role and work of a Governor please follow the link here to Stockport Council’s Governance web page.

Our Governors work hard in a voluntary capacity to support the school and act as ‘critical friends’ to ensure that the very best experience is provided for all associated with it.

Two governors have a relevant business interest in school and no governors have relevant material interests in school.

All meetings in the last 12 months have been 100% quorate.

Please see the attached committee list and governor details which provide information about dates of appointment, terms of office and who appointed our governors (in accordance with the governing board’s instrument of governance

Committees-HazelGrovePrimary 2021

Meetings-HazelGrovePrimary 2021

Constitution-HazelGrovePrimary 2021

Business Interests