Hazel Grove Primary – Political campaign for nuclear disarmament.


Following from a discussion around the history of nuclear testing in the pacific and the impact that can have on wildlife, a collection of Year 6 children wrote a letter to their local MP; William Wragg.

The letter contained a detailed description of the problem that they see, the future the current situation could bring and a request for him to campaign on their behalf.  The letter also included signatures from children and adults at Hazel Grove Primary who agreed with their message.

Today they received a response which you can read by clicking on the link below:

Letter from William Wragg – Nuclear

This however is not the end as the children were not satisfied with the response they received.  They are endeavouring to write back to William Wragg MP for clarification on his future actions on this matter, along with writing to a collection of other influential people and positions:

and the list continues…

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