In order for children to fully achieve their potential they have to be in school. Morning starts at 8.50am for K.S.1 & Early Years children and 9am for K.S.2. Being on time is essential for children to make a good start to the day and ensure they do not miss any learning.

Please inform school if your child is ill or has a medical appointment as soon as possible by phone, in writing or show your appointment card/letter at the office.

The law states that parents/carers do not have the right to remove their child from school, for the purpose of a holiday, during term time. Leave of absence can only be granted if the school is satisfied that exceptional circumstances exist. This form must be completed and signed by the Head teacher BEFORE the absence commences, otherwise an ‘unauthorised absence’ will be recorded and may lead to a fixed penalty fine issued by the Local Authority. Please note permission will not be granted for any reason during test periods.

Our Outstanding Attenders

At the end of each term, those children whose attendance is 100% receive a reward. For any children who achieve 100% over the whole year receive an extra special treat and trophy in assembly.

Leave of absence Guide for Parents Absence in term time form Attendance data 17-18 Attendance Data 16 - 17

“The progress my child has made is outstanding. The care and professionalism of the teacher has been awesome. A total credit to the school and to teaching to be honest”

“A fantastic school; the staff and teachers are amazing. I feel my child is cared for within the school as much as she is at home”

“My child has been so engaged talking about different topics”

“My child loves school and loves the activities the school provides eg performances out of school”

“Great transition, really supported, lovely environment which is organised. A sense of belonging for my child was definitely met”

“My child has had fantastic experiences at school. She has loved every day. The teaching staff are amazing because they also value input from parents and always have time for us”

“Year on year the school continues to change, progress and move with the needs of their children”

“We have had a lovely time with HGPS over a total of 11 years and both our children have achieved well and thrived in the warm, loving environment”

“I would like to thank all staff at the school who have made it a happy, nurturing and well-rounded experience for my child”

“We are happy with the school. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. Our children both enjoy attending the school and find it fun and informative. We would recommend your school ”