Well (a novel) – Chapter 1

Old Well - Cover

We are very lucky to have budding authors in our school.  The web team found one such soul and persuaded them to share their work.  Chapter 1 starts the story this week – return each week for the next thrilling instalment of “Well”.



Chapter One


We all know an abandoned well is no place to go, but sometimes when the sun glistens it looks like a happy place to go…
We wanted to go down.
Far far down.
Just explore.
Me and my mates are totally different, but sometime you have a bond of trust.

Time 9:26pm / Sent.
Name: Mum.
Text: Where r u?
Read: 11:00pm

“Let’s go down.”
“Ok, Let’s go!”
We went down, deep down far down, there was a glisp of light a beam of light through a tunnel.  What is it? I don’t know I replied.  We went to explore this tunnel lasted for ages, maybe miles.

Phone:  No Signal.
“Oh shoot, no signal.”
We kept going. It’s a… spider.
Skin began to peel.  Files began to swam us.  We quickly crawled back the way we came.  The end of the tunnel was near.
“WHAT, why are these steps here?”
“Finally, we are out.”
I ran back to my house.

Mum: “Who are you, what are you doing here?”
Me (in head): “What, I’m your on, you don’t remember me?”
I ran out of the house, my mate was there.
“Alfie doesn’t your mum and dad know who you are?”
“NO!”, the answer was.

Checks phone.

My phone was wiped out! There was no memory of texts or contacts, not even Instagram!
“No Instagram!”

That’s not the matter now…


Author: Unnamed


Return in a week to read the second chapter.


Well Image “Old Spanish well.” by Ryan, D. J. (1837-) is licensed under CC0 1.0 

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