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Reading Overview

Reading Intent

  • We aim to enable our pupils to read confidently, fluently, accurately and with understanding.
  • We aim to employ a full range of reading cues - phonic, graphic, syntactic, contextual - to enable children to self-monitor, self-correct and make sense of their own reading.
  • We aim to foster an interest in words and their meanings and to gain an appreciation of books from a variety of genres.
  • We aim to enable the children to find books interesting, to read with enjoyment and to evaluate and justify their preferences.
  • We aim to develop a suitable technical vocabulary through which to understand and discuss their reading.
  • We aim to develop reading skills in tandem with those of writing, so that they may function in society, as literate adults and readers for life.
  • We aim to create reading opportunities across all areas of the curriculum, to make it more meaningful and relevant to the children.

Implementation of the teaching and learning of Reading at Hazel Grove Primary

Children at Hazel Grove Primary are taught to read using a range of reading resources, including some phonetically decodable books in addition to a wide range of texts from various publishers.

This is done to allow flexibility of teaching and learning reading strategies across a range of materials. Books are levelled up to Reading Recovery level 30 and are finely matched with our children’s reading levels which are continuously assessed and refined based on teacher observations, assessments and Benchmarking. Our approach to reading is taken directly from the evidence based Reading Recovery principles which are based on over 40+ years of research of what good readers do, and how to support  struggling readers to make accelerated progress. We have evidence of what works best for our learners at Hazel Grove Primary and constantly refine and improve our teaching of reading through continuous CPD – accessing the most cutting edge training and sharing it with all members of staff who are involved in the teaching of reading. Staff are supported by the English Team, which is made up of a wide range of experienced members of staff and which includes the Reading Recovery teacher – who provides support, training and coaching with all aspects of reading.

Hazel Grove Primary meet the objectives outlined in the 2014 National Curriculum in each year group. Staff ensure that all children are given opportunities to study a range of good quality and interesting fiction and non-fiction texts from a variety of genres. They have the opportunity to read ‘real’ books and newspapers, big books, posters, ICT based texts, on individual computers, iPads and interactive Whiteboards, large texts, information booklets and Reading Recovery level banded guided reading materials.