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Our Building work is progressing really well and should be finished in the not too distant future! We are all very excited to show you the new space just as soon as we can. Watch this space for more details.We have some building work planned for our KS1 and Reception building that was supposed to begin over the Summer holidays. However, due to many circumstances outside our control this work is now going to commence in September instead.

This work involves a new roof, new plumbing, new electrics and replacement windows.
Obviously, this will be noisy, messy and disruptive to learning and so we have put together a plan to make each of these as minimal as possible. The timeframe for this work to be completed is currently six months. We are having to completely empty this building for the duration and so:

  • Our Reception classes are going to be set up in our Chill Zone building which are very large spaces with access to contained toilets, a kitchen area and outdoor provision.
  • Mr Ryder's Year One class will be based in the staff room which used to be a classroom and is a large, light and spacious room.
  • Miss Davey and Mrs Cocksey's Year One class will be based in the large library area which will be partitioned and fitted with an interactive whiteboard.
  • Miss Parker's Year Two class will be based in a KS2 classroom that is currently unused.
  • The Chill Zone before and after school clubs will take place in the hall.
  • The wraparound Nursery children will enjoy being based in our Nursery with Miss Price and the Chill Zone staff.

*Please note that each class will have the same chairs, tables, equipment and facilities they would have in their classrooms ordinarily and my point of measure is 'would I be happy for my own children to be taught in that room / area?'.

As always, my first priority is ensuring the safety of the children, followed by providing a quality education. These 2 aspects will not be affected by the building work and there will be robust safeguarding procedures put in place around the builders, contractors and machinery that comes with a project such as this.
The same monitoring around teaching and learning will also continue as usual.