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Hazel Grove Primary School offers the following childcare arrangements for busy, working families in our Chill Zone. It is situated in the demountable classroom in the Key Stage 1 playground. Entrance is via the Key Stage 1 school entrance on Chapel Street. The Chill Zone offers a range of activities for before and after school, (and during the day for younger children in ‘wrap-around’ care). Please note that we only take bookings from children attending HGPS during term time but we welcome children from the local community during holiday times.

We operate during the following times:

  • Breakfast Club (7.45am until school starts) – £5.50 
  • Morning Wrap-around Session - subject to availability (9am until the start of the Nursery Session) – £14.00
  • Afternoon Wrap-around Session - subject to availability (from end of Nursery Session until 3pm) – £14.00. 
  • Full Day Wrap-around Session - subject to availability  (9am – 3pm) – £26.00
  • Art Club each Tuesday (afterschool until 4.30pm) – £5.50 
  • After school until 4.15am – £5.50 
  • After School until 5.15pm – £9.50 
  • After school until 6pm – £10.50 
  • Reduction available for families who have three or more children attending the same session – 50% off third child

30 Hours Free Childcare

Click here for information on 30 hours free childcare

Holiday Club

4 hours (any part of the day) – £16.00 

7 hours (any part of the day) – £21.00

7.45am – 5.30pm (full day) – £26.00



If your child is going to be absent from The Chill Zone please call and notify the club as soon as possible on 0161 483 3699 extension 3

Keep in Touch

If you are experiencing problems making payments, please call in and speak to the manager or deputy manager. We will arrange for a breakdown of your payments over an agreed term to assist you. If payments fall two weeks in arrears The Chill Zone will stop your child care until payment/s have been received. This is to protect both parties from long term financial difficulties.

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The Chill Zone

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Tel: 0161 483 3699 extension 3