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School Prefects

Our school prefects have been chosen by the year Six class teachers as children who we can depend on to be responsible, reliable, respectful and role models all of the time. They are just a delight and fulfil their responsibilities to a very high standard. 


Eco Prefects

Eco Prefects

Hello, we are the Eco prefects and we clean up the school in lots of ways including saving energy, promoting recycling and much much more.. We try our best to help the World while still in school. Thank you for reading this. 

Office Prefects

Hello, we are the Office Prefects. We help in the office and we greet parents into school.

We would love to greet you into school. We always try our best to help. Thank you for reading this. 

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

Hello, we are the Digital leaders and our job is to help with all the technology around school.

We also tend to help with the music and slideshows in assembly.

Thank you for reading about us.

Assembly Prefects

Hello, we are the Assembly Prefects.

We always set up the assembly for you to enjoy. We will be planning assemblies soon and we also love to help out and be organised.

Thank you for reading this. 

PE Prefects

Hello, we are the PE Prefects and we help Mr Sykes by setting out the equipment he needs for his lessons. 

We also help out in Nursery by setting a good example and working with our smallest children in school.

Thank you for reading.

School Value Prefects

Hello, we are the School Value Prefects.

We collect the house points and announce the winners. We help set a good example all the time by demonstrating our four core values of Kindness, Responsibility, Honesty and Respect. 

Thank you for reading this.