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Our Head Boy and Girl are fantastic ambassadors for the school and have been superb role models throughout their time at Hazel Grove Primary School.

We had some amazing candidates for the roles and all of them presented in front of the whole of Key Stage Two and just amazed us all with their passion, kindness and enthusiasm to help everybody in the school.

The staff who have known the children throughout their school journey cast their votes and below are the very deserved Head Girl and Head Boy for 2021-2022.


Head Boy 2021-2022

Head Boy 2021-2022

Hello, I am Alex and I am the Head Boy. I am delighted to receive this position and have the honour of representing our school.

If your child has any questions they can feel free to ask me or Sienna.

Thank you so much for reading and I will be most delighted to see you again.

Head Girl 2021-2022

Head Girl 2021-2022

Hello, I am Sienna and I am  the Head Girl.

I was so pleased to have this position as I am always happy to help.

The pupils know myself and Alex are always there if they need any help or advice.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.